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حقوق بین الملل و کوید 19
حقوق بین الملل و کوید 19
در صورت بروز مشکل به صفحه اینستاگرام آکادمی بیگدلی پیام دهید @BigdeliAcademy سپاس پشتیبانی آکادمی بیگدلی
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Persian Academy of Intl Trade
Persian Academy of Intl Trade
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 Artificial Intelligence In ICSID Arbitration: Is There A Need For A New Convention And Consent?

Ahmad Reza Mobini, (Ph.D. Candidate in Public International Law, Allameh Tabataba’i University) The world is experiencing a technological evolution and artificial intelligence seems inevitable or better saying is the pivot of that. But what is artificial intelligence (“AI”)? It is beyond the scope of the present piece to undertake a detailed assessment of AI, but simply […]

Posted in: Global Trade and Business Law,
International Law and the Coronavirus Pandemic: Some General Remarks

Pouria Askary Assistant Professor of International Law at Allameh Tabataba’i University Farzad Fallah Master Student of International Law at Allameh Tabataba’i University   The unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19 has naturally resulted in much news and debate in the international arena, especially with respect to personal health measures. Such outbreaks of various diseases which turn into […]

Posted in: International Law,
Legal Services Provision under US Sanctions Laws

On January 10, 2020 the US president issued the Executive Order 13902 authorizing the imposition of new sanctions against “any individual owning, operating, trading with, or assisting sectors of the Iranian economy including construction, mining, manufacturing, or textiles sectors” and targeted eight top Iranian officials. Steven Mnuchin, the US Treasury Secretary announced that these sanctions […]

Posted in: Sanctions,
When Prof Dershowitz Dodged My Question: A Brief Encounter at Harvard
When Prof Dershowitz Dodged My Question: A Brief Encounter at Harvard

My brief encounter with Prof Dershowitz goes back to 2008 when I was a law student at Harvard.   ⁠ There are few professors as widely known outside of Harvard and the legal world as Prof Alan Dershowitz. He has become a lawyer/celebrity, made famous in early years for advocating for civil liberties but later became […]

Posted in: Sanctions,

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The best teachers out there are the ones who constantly learn from their students/audience. The best learners out there are also the ones who internalize their knowledge by constantly sharing it with others. And there is no better way to share knowledge than using online educational tools and technology to broaden your audience and get your message across as widely as possible. So whether you are an experienced educator wishing to get your message across a wider audience or an expert in your field with a passion to share your knowledge, we can help you become an educational entrepreneur, or simply expand your reach and influence across the world.

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The traditional model of education seems increasingly outdated. The global online education market is on a rapid rise and is projected to witness an annual growth rate of 10.26% during the 2018-2023 period to reach a total market size of US$286.62 billion by 2023. Emerging technologies in the field of knowledge commerce can make the best training programs available to everyone around the world. Yet at the same time, most online educational businesses fail due to high costs of production and lack of a market-oriented strategy. We employ a well-proven five-step strategy to make sure that your online courses effectively reaches out to your students.

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All consulting businesses including lawyers can easily multiply their lead generation and initial consults by effectively using educational tools to establish credibility and trust with their cold market. This may include a combination of online short courses, consecutive webinars and online Q&As with potential clients as well as other educational content. What is key is to do a thorough market research as well as hands on experience in developing a strategy that works for your practice/niche area. Partner with us to develop and implement an educational marketing strategy so that you can increase your reach and create the highest value for more clients.


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